Shopping in Rome

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Shopping a Roma
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Marc Jacobs. Bulgari. Prada. Armani. Gucci. Ferragamo. Burberry. Louis Vuitton. All these and more designer signatures are not missed when shopping in Rome. Within the vicinity of the Spanish Steps specifically between the areas of Vial del Balbuino and Via del Corso is regarded as the best place to grab all the items you would want to have while shopping in Rome. Other haute couture boutiques such as La Perla, Fendi, Versace and Fratelli Rossetti, among the others can also be spotted in Piazza Mignanelli, Piazza di Spagna, Bocca di Leone, Via Borgogna and Via Condotti.

Shopping in Rome need not to be in fully- furnished malls because even as you go around on foot, you can have a grand time scouting for great finds even along the side streets. The sites in Via delle Carrozze, Via Frattina and Via della Croce are highly identified for such. When you approach Piazza Venezia at 7 Via Minghetti, there is a men’s shop that that dates back from 1873 called Vigano. It has a collection of hats that have been donned by notable persons in the society like Trilussa and Mussolini. However, all of those mentioned are for those who have prepared big bucks.

For lower cost shopping in Rome, there is one located just a few meters away from the Vatican City. It is on the center of Via Ottaviano and Via Cola di Rienzo. There are several department depots that house not so expensive pieces like apparel, footwear, fixtures and accessories. As for the homemakers such as mothers who are full time in taking care of their family, there is a must for them to visit CUCINA at 65 Via Mario de Fiori. There is a wide range of kitchen wares and cooking utensils that they can buy. As for those who love to satisfy their gastronomic appetite, try the documented dishes sold at Gusto in 7 Piazza Augusto Imperatore. It is a contemporary designed emporium that has been drawing a lot of local young professionals for a drink at the bar or a meal at the pizzeria.

As for antiques’ shopping in Rome, at 47 Via del Portio d’ Ottavia, there is an extensive array of objects out of glass and china. You can see that all are stacked from the floor to ceiling worth reasonably. The one in Via Giulia which is the road behind Palazzo Farnese have shops where you can discover patterns that are gorgeous albeit, costly. It is specifically nestled between the Palazzo and Tiber River where paintings and sculptures can also be purchased. Via Margutta and Via del Babuino is a region where there are a lot of artists have their studios. If you want to have a portrait of yourself, you can simply drop by and schedule for an appointment. The said area is also the new address to TAD, a novel Japanese inspired boutique that offers a hair salon and minimalist bistro.

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