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Rome, one of the most frequently-visited places in the world

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Rome is one of the most frequently-visited places in the world. This is not only because of the fact that it has rich beginnings, but because there are a lot to see and so much to experience. There are interesting facts that we can learn about ancient Rome and the Eternal City that it is right now.

How many of us know that Rome is built on seven hills and has been inhabited for more than 3000 years? This city in Italy has one of the world’s safest drinking waters. In fact, its street fountains are used by the public as a source of drinking water. Stray cats abound the city because a law has been passed allowing them to stay in the place where they were born. It is also interesting to know that Romans escape the summer heat by going to the coast. Therefore, tourists have to contend with closed sights and fewer choices of open restaurants. Romans generally adore women. The Italian Supreme Court has even supported this trait by making it legal for males to pat the butts of their female colleagues occasionally. And who decides just how “frequent” occasionally is? That would be for the court to decide.

The Vatican City, which is located in Rome, is an independent state since 1929. It is considered as the second smallest Sovereign State in the world with 400 inhabitants and has a Post Office of its own which is much more efficient than Italy’s own. Rome has also been known for its fashion and a great deal of this can be attributed to the fact that barbers were present in Rome since 300 B.C. Most ancient structures in the city are with the symbols SPQR which means “Senate and People of Rome”.

Rome’s undeniable rich history will take you on a thrilling adventure. The city is home to magnificent architectural structures, ancient ruins, and amazing modern sights. Even if Rome is quite a large city, walking is still one of the best ways to explore the place. You can find more photo-worthy places however, maps usually underrate the distances, so it’s also advisable to have transportation ready.

Admittedly though, walking in Rome poses several problems. Since the city is usually filled with tourists, auto fumes can be very intense. Unlike most cities, pedestrians in Rome don’t really have the right of way. Crossing the streets even on a red light, does not guarantee your safety. This does not suggest that Romans are colorblind. So don’t expect too much from the traffic colors either. Before you try to get across a busy street, watch how the locals do it. Or better yet, try to cross the street with one. Otherwise, you’ll get to learn the first rules of Roman traffic the hard and painful way.

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