Il cibo nell'antica Roma
Jul 31, 2022

Food in Ancient Rome

Ever heard of the idiom that goes, “you are what you eat?” This is unmistakably true when referring to the food in Ancient Rome. The plebeians, considered as the lowest class in the society at their time, simply fed on cereals. As for the patricians who were the most noble of all as they were the only ones permitted to take on government positions, they feasted on exotic dishes from the faraway lands. They had three courses of delicious meals in such a plushy ambiance as only the very rich can afford.The majority of the Romans in Ancient Rome, centered their food on oil, wine and grain …

Colosseo Roma
Jul 30, 2022

The Colosseum in Rome

About 1920 years ago, the greatest ancient times amphitheater was built in Rome, The Colosseum is considered an architectural and engineering wonder, and its remnants remain to be a standing proof of both the magnificence and the cruelty of the Roman world.The Colosseum in Rome was originally known as the Flavian Amphitheatre, and is the largest of its kind built during the Roman Empire. It was capable of seating fifty to sixty thousand spectators, and was used as a ground for gladiatorial combat. Built in the 70’s and accomplished in 80 AD, it can be found east of the Roman Forum.T…

Jul 30, 2022

Women in Ancient Rome

What would you have been expected to do if you were one of the women in ancient Rome? Would you be allowed to follow your own career path or were you restricted to doing household chores like some women today are?Nothing was really found that would reliably speak about women in ancient Rome. There were no personally-written documents that will clearly tell about the women’s hopes, fears, and dreams, or whether they really had any. Accounts on how the women in ancient Rome lived were only gathered from sources that were written by men. Naturally, men from wealthy families are the ones th…

L'esercito nell'antica Roma
Jul 30, 2022

Ancient Rome Military

A militarized state whose past was frequently matted with its military history, ancient Rome military centers on the account of great land battles, from the defeat of Italy to its final battles against the Huns. The “Roman Army” as often called, was the name given by English-speakers to the soldiers and other ancient Rome military forces who served the kingdom, the republic, and later the empire of Rome.Ancient Rome military words in general, were based on the word for one soldier, miles. The Roman army in broad was the militia, and the commander of the military operation was the militi…

Cronologia degli eventi dell'antica Roma
Jul 30, 2022

Ancient Rome Timeline

After a gap of two thousand years, the legendary founding of ancient Rome and the history that encloses this majestic city may have put it at a safe distance from everyone’s lives and experience, but the fact that modern Rome will always be unthinkable without the ancient Roman Empire, and the reality that Rome’s past will always be a part of how it came to be, is exactly the main reason why it is today the splendid Eternal City.Here’s a look back at ancient Rome timeline from the city founding until the last attempt of the Roman Empire for conquer. Some of the most notable ancient Rome…

Imperatori di Roma
Jul 30, 2022

Emperors of Rome

Rulers in every state always have a big role when it comes to progress as a whole. It is no longer a surprise why they always have a space on pages in a history book even if they administered with tyranny or directed in democracy.AugustusAugustus or better known as Gaius Julius Caesar Octavianus, is among the emperors of Rome under the Julio- Claudian Dynasty. Preserving the exterior structure of the republic, he was in position for more than forty years. He exercised an autocracy form of government where all powers belonged solely belonged to him. Augustus was able to put into seiz…

La geografia dell'antica Roma
Jul 30, 2022

Geography of Ancient Rome

The geography of ancient Rome was in many ways the contributing factor behind its future success, so much so that even Roman writers such as Cicero, acknowledged how fortunate the choice had been. Its geography is characterized by fairly steeped hills on the left bank of the Tiber River, at the tip where the river poured around a small island as well as branching out into peaty areas between the hills themselves.The geography of ancient Rome is less evident nowadays, greatly owed to thousands of years of continuous transformation and building. The hills which were of great strategic imp…
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